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In Phoenix Arizona join Ina for Marriage Counseling and Sex Therapy which can help you build a foundation of respectful communication, create healthy intimacy and rediscover your deep love for each other.

If you are thinking of divorce, BEFORE you give up, do ONE session with me. You will get Honest Talk and straight answers. Is there enough love and commitment to work it out or is it time to respectfully end your relationship?


….early ejaculation or delayed ejaculation (difficulty or inability to ejaculate) affects your psychological well-being and desire to make love. When you cannot perform in the manner you desire your marriage/relationships are at risk and you are one very unhappy man. Doing Marriage/Relationship Counseling with a good Sex Therapist can save you years of unhappiness.

….you can have the intimacy you need and desire to enjoy orgasms from female ejaculation by discovering your g-spot for vaginal orgasms, clitoral and full body orgasms. Do not wait until you are going through menopause to realize you have let the best years of your life pass you by. Are you prepared for the challenges that aging brings on? I can help you.

Couples Counseling
Choose a Marriage Counselor who is comfortable with any issue that may come up. It's an advantage if they are also a Sex therapist and are willing to talk about your sexual dysfunctions, sexual unhappiness and frustrations openly.

As men and women move into Aging Issues (at any age): erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, loss of your sex drive, menopause or andropause can impact you. How do you navigate this? One partner desires sex and the other does not. It is time to discover that your bodies are meant to be actively sexual until you die. Your mind is the largest sex organ you have. God, Great Spirit, created every organ in your body to work until you take your last breath and release your spirit. Be determined to happily live every day of your long life.

…….is a key to creating intimacy and passion. Educate yourself and attend a Spiritual Sexuality Workshop, Chuluaqui Quodoushka, to help you discover sexual knowledge. Learn about the 5 types and 5 levels of orgasms. Learn how to breathe your body into an orgasmic response. Reawaken your passion as you gain wisdom, knowledge and techniques. Quodoushka Spiritual Sexual practices help you improve how you feel about life, how you feel about yourself and teach you how to access the universal sexual energy which rejuvenates you at a cellular level.

  Welcome to my web site video. I look forward to working with you. I do phone and in-office sessions.

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