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A Winter Story
The Sensual Version

by Ina Mlekush
E-book - 6 pages  $2.00
A Sexual Journey
Sounds of Intimate Desire

Compact Disc  $14.95
MP3 Download  $10.95
Manage Your Sexual Energy:
Resolve Early Ejaculation

DVD  $59.95
by Ina Mlekush

Improve Your Sex Life
and Relationships
One Bite at a Time

Book  $24.95
E-book  $10.95
by Ina Mlekush

The Train Station
An erotic story
for men and women
E-book  $5.95
by Nick Karras
Petals: Journey into Self Discovery
Photographic series: exquisite photos of vulvas
Book $39.95
by Nick Karras
Petals: Journey into
Self Discovery

Photographic series: exquisite photos of vulvas
DVD  $19.95
by Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Magdalene Unveiled
The Sacred Prostitute
2-DVD set   $39.95

Women of the Light
The New Sacred Prostitute

Edited by
Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
Book  $14.95
DVD Female Ejacualtion
for Couples

by Deborah Sundahl
DVD  $29.95
THE SEXUAL PRACTICES OF QUODOUSHKA: Teachings from the Nagual Tradition
Book $19.95
Ina’s Book Review

    When I work one-on-one in my office I often suggest certain books to read as a way of educating yourself and becoming the master of your own fate.
    We can listen to others but never give your power away. Discover your own wisdom as you read. 
    Here are the books I have read and recommend. I will give you my personal opinion as to why you should spend your money and take your time to read them.
    What I have gained from these books has saved me thousands of dollars.  I do my own personal work and physically heal myself when I can. I will go to a doctor or therapist when I  cannot resolve the issue myself.
    I invite you to discover for yourself the wisdom in these books.

    All of these are available through Click on each book to read my review and to find the link to



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