Intensive Retreat

Private Intensive - 2 Days

You will Enhance Your Relationship and Discover the World of Intimate,
Sacred Sexuality – A Program Designed for You

Ina will work with either One couple or an Individual spending 2 Intensive days.  You will establish a practice of Spiritual Sexuality Skills and discuss and resolve issues that may be hindering an otherwise great relationship.
That relationship may be with yourself or another!
We will focus on what You Desire and Need.

This will be tailored Specifically to Your Needs.
It is Discreet, Confidential & Caring with
Passionate Awakenings

I look forward to working with you Personally,

Ina Laughing Winds

Date to be selected according to availability of
Ina Laughing Winds and Participant(s)
in Phoenix, Arizona

To purchase sessions please call Ina Mlekush directly at (623)465-9151.
Credit cards will be processed over the phone.

Private Sacred Sensual Retreat for a Couple $2295

Private Sacred Sensual Retreat for a Single $1795

A Private Sacred Sensual Retreat with Ina

This includes lunch, hand-outs, work materials,
phone consultations and my fee. 
This does not include your hotel or dinners. 
You will be given a list of reasonable hotels 20 minutes from my home
and great restaurants to tantalize your taste buds for dinner.
It will be a Journey that is Life Changing.



Dear Ina,

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent and very professional retreat.
It was very helpful and we both learned quite a bit about ourselves, how to better communicate and how to improve and broaden our sexual relationship.

Once we have digested and put into practice all of the things that we learned from you, you probably will see us at one or more of your workshops or who knows, we might even wish to follow-up with a two – three hour session or another retreat.
– Jim
Retired– District Manager for
AZ, NM, & NV. Hewlett Packard


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