In-Office Sessions 

After the first 10 minutes, sitting with me in my office
is like sitting with a trusted knowledgeable friend.
You look forward to seeing them and you leave feeling better. 

To purchase sessions please call Ina Mlekush directly at (623)465-9151.
Credit cards will be processed over the phone.

Number of Sessions Session Length Cost per Session Total Cost
1 1 hr. $185 $185
1 1 1/2 hrs. $275 $275
1 2 hr. $350 $350
5 1 hr. $150 $750
10 1 hr. $125 $1,250

I recommend 2 hours for your initial session.
Why? Because I like getting things done and giving you a sense of hope and working tools to help you improve your life.

All programs are paid in advance.



I offer a variety of programs:
Click on the program that suits you best for scheduling and payment information.

Call 623 465-9151
or Email Ina

to set your appointments 
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