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Ina MlekushHello,

Thank You, for coming to my web site.
I would like you to know a little bit about my personal life so you can feel more comfortable and confident in working with me as a Marriage and Sex Counselor.

Spiritual Sexuality was non-existent in our home as it probably was in yours. As a teen I always had a high sex drive but did not know how to express it. I caught the tail end of the flower child movement and free love. I attended one love-in for a day. It was exciting though not much happened.

I discovered even with a high sex drive and having sexual relationships I did not know how to have an orgasm during intercourse. I did enjoy orgasms with oral sex when it worked. I learned to take responsibility for my own orgasms when I was 36 years old through the teachings of Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality.

College was interrupted with growing up; marriage and the birth of my son and eventual divorce due to his father's alcoholism.

As a single parent I went back to college and university and kept getting degrees and certifications to be sure I could always take care of my son and myself financially. He is now a mature wonderful man of 39, married and with a family of his own. I have 3 lovely grand kids.

I was also searching for something spiritual that made sense. As a result of my need and desire for education and spiritual growth I became a Marriage Counselor, Sex Counselor, Metaphysical Minister, Master Hypnotherapist and Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality master teacher of levels 1, 2 & 3. The Quodoushka teachings originate from the ancient Mayan and Toltec Tradition.

The Counseling I love to do in Phoenix Arizona
I have been in private practice since 1985 as Marriage Counselor for Traditional and Alternative Lifestyles. Since 1992 I have focused on Relationship Solutions and Sex Coaching for Couples and Individuals, to resolve the frustration of sexual dysfunctions; early (premature) ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, loss of libido, sexual incompatibility, lack of intimacy or being non-orgasmic as a woman. Men can learn to manage their sexual energy and resolve Premature Ejaculation and women can learn how to have Female Ejaculations with G-spot stimulation.

Sex Therapy helps men and women improve their communication skills and understand the basic instinctual differences between men and women. They learn how to discover respectful caring ways to make agreements. With good agreements their sense of hope awakens, which supports a healthy intimate relationship.

Sex Education goes beyond the bedroom. It is your life force energy, your Spiritual Sexual catalyst which promotes health and longevity. It is what gives you the energy to be parents, run a business, have a social life and still want – to - be passionate with your partner.

Ancient Teachings: You can attend Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality workshops.
I am apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Shamanic Path since 1981. I have facilitated Chuluaqui Quodoushka Seminars levels 1,2,3 since 1984 presenting this ancient body of sacred sexuality knowledge to an international audience. Some of my work includes:

  • TV documentary, "Good Sex Guide", United Kingdom and Europe
  • "Sex TV" documentary for City TV, Toronto, Canada
  • HBO Real Sex in America documentary as a participant with SwiftDeer.
  • Featured guest speaker many times on NABC Talk Radio and
    Radio Talk America.
  • Published monthly articles in "Play Time" magazine Phoenix, AZ since 2002.
  • Author of "Improve Your Sex Life & Relationships One Bite at a Time", "A Sexual Journey,
  • Sounds of Intimate Desire" CD and "Manage Your Sexual Energy; Resolve Early Ejaculation" DVD



SEX COUNSEOR A.S.S.E.C.T. CERTIFIED - 2007 American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapist




A-ROAD PERSON & SHAMANIC CEREMONIALIST Sweet Medicine Sundance Path apprentice since 1982



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